Dog Behaviors

Dogs are of a quite sufficient knowledge. Although dogs are not only smart but have behaviors of which are comparable to those of us humans. Dogs do have a way of communication, sneezing, burping, releasing “natural gas”, and even under-go mood swings at times. I here have listed some dog behaviors of which you may find of interest.

Embarrassed Behavior:

Dogs do have embarrassing moments, even if you disagree. One time I have seen a dog bang into a wall or fall of a couch. I found it to my amazement that the dog hid itself from its owner, because it was embarrassed that its owner had just saw what had happened.

Dogs Talking:

Dogs become most “talkative” in a way when they are hungry. They will often tell you to feed them or they may also beg for food.

When an owner comes home after an extended period of being away they may find that their dog likes to be the “welcome party” or that their dog “scolds” them for leaving them alone for such an extended period of time.

Dogs are trying to communicate with their owners all of the time. Dogs try to communicate with their owner in the only way they know which includes them looking in their owners eye and barking. Often times though a dog’s bark will change and become different. This often has something to do with the way they feel, etc. Owners will often notice this change.


Yes, dogs do snore like we humans do. Often times a dogs snore can reach a high volume. Snoring with a dog usually occurs once a dog is in a deep sleep or if their is a minor obstruction in the airways of the dog.


Dogs do feel guilt like we humans do. Once a dog knows that they have done something wrong they will feel guilt. The owner can usually tell when they’re feeling guilt. The telltale signs of a dog feeling guilt is when they pull their ears back and plead using their eyes. They are trying to tell their owner that they understand they have done something wrong and do not want to be punished for it.

When a Dog Wants Your Complete Attention:

Dogs go to many measures when trying to get their owners attention when it can’t be done through barking. Often, if the dog cannot gain his owners undivided attention through barking, they will usually resort to frequently and furiously pawing at you, circling round and round, or yelp or “scream” as if in pain.


Finally, I would like to note out that you are the only one who can truly interpret your dog’s behavior. A dog’s behavior will be different from home to home and their behavior is highly tied with how they were raised. If a dog was raised in a loving home then that dog will return the love to its owner and all other who live in the owners house. If a dog is treated poorly then the dog’s behavior is obviously going to be different than that of a dog that was raised in the loving home.

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