Eyes in the Sky on Your Dog

Ever wish there was a way to keep an eye on your dog’s location, in case that they ever got loose and decided to explore the town and backyard’s of neighboring people? Well there actually is.
GPS tracking collars have gotten some attention over the last few years, and more and more dog owners are deciding to purchase them for their dogs. These GPS tracking collars allow owners to easily retrieve their dogs current location via GPS. So instead of going through the long, dreary, conventional idea of posting “lost dog” signs all over telephone poles around your town which in the end may not help recover your dog, you can easily get your GPS tracker out and find your dog.

Although… people have used these collars for other things than recovering lost pets. Hunters have found these to be very helpful with their dog when they take them hunting. The reason hunters find these collars so helpful is that is allows them to wander off and search for game without the worry of losing them! One thing that adds to the convenience of being able to allow the dog to wander off is when these are paired with a bark indicator, so then you’ll know exactly when and where your dog has found game. To me that sounds like a big convenience.

The Issue With Batteries

Many dog owners who are consider purchasing dog collars with GPS tracking units are afraid that they will not change the batteries in time. Haha, this is nothing to worry about. Many GPS tracking collars feature the ability to notify you via email, phone, or text when batteries in the GPS tracking collar need to be recharged!

People who want to purchase these collars may also be afraid that they will be spending a bunch of money on replacing batter. This is nothing to worry about either. Almost all GPS tracking collars feature lithium-ion rechargeable batteries which means that the batteries not only have no need to be replaced, but also will last a long time before they need to be recharged.

GPS Tracking Collar on Dog

Never Lose Your Best Friend Again

Because of improvements in today’s technology you can ensure that with a GPS tracking collar you and your dog will never lose each other. I know how devastating it would be for me to lose my dog.

So in conclusion… I recommend purchasing a GPS tracking collar for your dog. They are available for around $200-300, and depending on what brand you get some may have monthly fees. But it is a quite affordable purchase to protect a priceless item.

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