Well today I’m writing this article about some of the most widely known dog myths and answering to whether they are true or not.I find it surprising that regardless of how much research has been done and how much knowledge we know about dogs nowadays, dog owners still tend to believe the old wives tales and myths about dogs.

Many people believe that dogs who have black mouths are purebred. This not true actually. Although many purebred dogs do actually have darker mouths than non-purebred dogs this actually doesn’t indicate anything in regards to a dog actually being purebred. The truth is, pigmentation is the only reason for this color, caused by a substance called melanin. Indeed, this substance called melanin is responsible for birthmarks in humans and also the lack of, or availability of, such skin tones as a tan. This color alone is not indicative of a purebred dog. Moving on.

Have you ever heard that feeding your puppy a high amount of calcium is needed to grow strong bones in the dog and to have erect ears? This is actually not true. Actually it can become very dangerous and harmful to your dogs health if you feed them too much calcium. The truth is, as long as you are feeding your dog a healthy and complete diet then no further supplement will be needed.

Pets will have worms and fleas feasting on them if they drink milk. This is not true. Actually it differs no different from us humans. Although it is true that pets lose their tolerance for milk early in development, this is due to the fact that they lose an enzyme which is needed to digest dairy products called lactose. The truth is, dogs and puppies become infested with worms and fleas due to maternal milk which is why it very important to treat new born puppies and those puppies’ mother for worms and fleas.

Dogs should not be spayed until they have their first litter of pups. Many people think they shouldn’t. But, if owners allow such a thing it could raise the chances for the dogs body to produce future health problems such as breast cancer. So the truth is, dogs should be spayed before their first litter of pups.

Yeast will prevent fleas and ticks from feasting on pets. Honestly I cannot answer whether this myth is true or not. All I can say is there is still no scientific evidence that proves this myth true. However it is still a fantastic source of vitamin B!

Raising your voice and telling your dog to shut up will make them stop barking. This is a myth I felt needed to be busted. This is not true! Owners don’t understand that a dog watching you raise your voice begins to interpret that action as barking, hence making them think their is a necessity to bark! When you do this you are basically training your dog to bark more.

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