Odd Behaviors in Dogs

Some dogs have them. Some don’t. Needless to say though, dogs can have some pretty weird behaviors. In this articles I am going to write about certain odd dog behaviors and why the dog has adopted that behavior.

Constant Digging

Many dog owners may find that their dog digs wherever they go! They’ll go out in the backyard and dig, maybe get around to the frontyard and dig, and heck, why not, they just might decide to go into your living room and dig into some fantastic carpet and hardwood floors.
This is behavioral issue! This is an addiction for dogs as much as it is for kids to suck their thumbs, bite fingernails, and chew on their lips and tongue. The second you see your dog doing this you must give them a firm “NO!” to scold them and make sure that they know that they are not to do that. If you let your dog continue doing this they will continue to do it as they grow older and it can become very expensive for you (Last time I checked hardwood floor and carpet replacement isn’t a cheap thing to do, and that hassle of replanting grass and filling in dirt would just suck!).

The Sock Child

Some owners may notice that their dog becomes obsessive and protective over an object in the home. In the majority of dogs who adopt this behavior they usually choose a sock to become protective over.

When this behavior is taken over by female dogs it is usually the signs of a false pregnancy. This is where the dog’s hormones set off a bit of a false alarm that sets the body in motion to support a pregnancy that never develops because no fertilization ever occurred. The objects they become obsessive and protective over are made by the dog as a substitute for “would-have” puppies and the dog begin spending much time “mothering” it.

This behavior is completely normal and there should be absolutely no concern from the owner. The dog will eventually lose interest and return to their normal selves.

Leg Licking

Some dog owners find that their dog consistently licks their legs. There are three reasons this could be happening.

1. Your dog is stressed.

2. Your dog is displaying dominance as top dog. Licking can be a sign of dominance in a certain territory.

3. Your dog finds some kind of liking in regards to the texture or taste of your leg.

As for concerns there is really nothing that can be done about this.

Over Affectionate Behavior

Some owners find that their dogs become suddenly more affectionate by wanting to cuddle with their owners and constantly laying on them and touching them. This is thought to be a sign of illness although if the dog is not showing any change in level of energy, bowel movements, etc. then the dog is fine and you are just experiencing the true depth of how much a dog can really give. Although if your dog has had changes in those categories then you should have your dog checked out by a vet.

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